How to Hunt Boar – Fathers and Sons

At the Dawn of time Fathers taught their Sons How to Hunt Boar.

Come and learn how to Hunt Boar any time of year. These Russian Wild Boar are a unique and they are the greatest Beast to Hunt.  Young men would experience their rites of passage in the dark forest as they learned through trial and error how to Hunt Boar. These were dangerous times as boys would undergo the transformation into men. Men who would bring home the bacon to feed the families and friends.

How to Hunt Boar   Fathers and Sons

Russian Boar are powerful animals. Huge shoulders, Massive head, and Razor sharp cutters make them deadly.


 Learn to Hunt Boar on the Snow Pack of  Lake Superior Country.  Located in the heart of Michigan’s Wild & Scenic Upper Peninsula is a hidden place.  Here in this secret place you can experience this once in a lifetime Boar Hunt.  You do not have to leave North America to experience  your Russian Boar Hunt. The Winter time is a spectacular time to Boar Hunt. The Deep Snow makes for great tracking, cut a fresh track and start you Boar Hunt. Enter the Darkest Recesses of the forest. Hunt Wild Boar in their own lair.

Father and son hunting goes back to the dawn of time. Growing up not much can beat a good day in the woods hunting with your father. Now older and more practiced in the art of hunting the father and son team move on to bigger game, and bring with them more friends and family for wild pig hunting. Russian Boar are a great beast to pursue for a challenging hunt and many delicious dinners. All fathers teach their sons to hunt eventually, but learning how to hunt boar can be different from your average hunt.

How to Hunt Boar   Fathers and Sons 

In the winter the Russian Boar transform into a primordial beast of prey –  straight out of the last ice age. The thick woolly coats are excellent this time of year, and help add to many layers of protection. Under the coat lies muscle, bone as hard as rock, and a plate over the vitals call the grizzle plate. Penetrating these many layers of defenses takes a well practiced hunter and a good shot, and no shortage of firepower.

Knowing how to boar hunt is critical before going after these beasts. Wild boar are large in size and built powerfully from head to tail. They are a very unpredictable animal and some of the big boys don’t see you as much of a threat. Having a powerful lever action brush buster can help even the odds when going toe to toe with a big boar. Spot and stalk hunting allows you to explore the terrain and watch the beasts movements. It also puts you right down in the lair of the beast where many boars are sleeping waiting to roam the land in the night.


How to Hunt Boar   Fathers and Sons

Incredible Razor Sharp Tusk on this Russian Boar

The only thing that can be better than hunting with dear old dad is bringing along more friends and families. When boar hunting the more the merrier, learning how to boar hunt as a group can make the transition easier and give you more eyes in the forest. Family hunting is a tradition in many places. Getting back to nature and exploring the Great Northern Forest is a true adventure. Getting away from it all for a weekend of hunting with close friends and family is unbeatable.

How to Hunt Boar   Fathers and Sons

Once you master how to hunt boar you can take down these massive beasts build for battle.


Russian Boar are built to be lethal. They are armed to the teeth and have much more than that. The powerful shoulders on them can be tough to penetrate even with lightning fast lead. These shoulders also help to propel them forward quickly without warning and swing that massive head full of teeth. The large head has thick bone, making head shots on massive wild pigs not recommended. It is important to always be prepared when in a forest with Russian Boar. You never know what may be stalking you back.

Muzzleloaders are great weapons for learning how to hunt boar. These guns are the closest things to cannons we have today and fire massive solid lead balls. When hunting wild boar penetration is key with shot placement. Having a solid heavy bullet moving at high speeds helps to punch deeper into the beast through the grizzle plate. The ultimate shot when wild Russian Boar hunting is the double lung shot. Punching an accurate hole right in the chest of the best is the best way to bring him down.


How to Hunt Boar   Fathers and Sons

This Beast Does not look like anything you have ever Hunted Before… This is some prehistoric Ice Age Beast Roaming the Great White North.

Father and son hunting is one of the greatest traditions known to man. Dad passing down years of experience to his son so that he can one day pass it on to his children was once more than tradition, it was survival. Keeping up this tradition and slaying the beast to take home to the family is what it is all about. Making memories and sharing stories, new and old, along the way ensures a great time for all.

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How to Hunt Boar   Fathers and Sons

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