How to Hunt Boar

How to Hunt Boar in Northern Michigan

This Giant Boar and I mean Giant requires to  figure out how to hunt Boar real Russian Boar in the Dead of Winter. Deep white powder filled the forest. The tree branches are heavy with newly fallen snow. A Father and Son Team took on the Raging Russians® and were both successful in taking exceptionally large Russian Boar.

How to Hunt Boar

Boar Hunting is a Great Adventure on the Snow Pack

 Lake Superior dumps an incredible amount of snow on the mainland of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  This creates a natural environment of deep dark forest and lots of snow annually. This environment makes it a challenge to figure out how to Hunt Boar on the Snow Pack.

Hunting Russian Boar in the winter is an awesome experience. These wild boar were designed to survive in this type of an environment. Thick hides that look great on mounted wild pigs keep these beasts warm throughout the harshest of winters. This look makes them appears as if they stepped out of the last ice age prepared and full of attitude. Not everyone can figure out how to hunt boar in the winter as this is a special hunting adventure with specific challenges.

Learn how to hunt Boar Real Russian Boar in Lake Superior Country. Ever day creates new and exciting challenges.  You can experience fresh snow on  this once in a lifetime Boar Hunt. Learning how to hunt boar in what looks like the frozen waste lands of Siberia is not only a great adventure it is extremely challenging. With winter brings many challenges, and also many opportunities for a prepared hunter. High visibility makes spot and stalking the boars in this winter wonderland both thrilling and challenging. The boars can see you better as well, but patient and experienced hunters can still prevail over the beast…

How to Hunt Boar

Massive Russian Boar Shot on the Snow Pack of Northern Michigan

How to Hunt Boar Real Russian Boar

In the winter the mass amounts of snow thrown down on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is incredible. This forces all the animals to adapt and wild hogs being herd animals that means blazing well packed trails throughout the hunting grounds. These pig trails make for great walking for man and beast. Keeping on trails is a great way to see pigs and begin hunting. At times though these wild boars can feel dominant.  When this occurs instead of braving the three to four feet of snow off the trail they often time choose the path your standing on. Keeping prepared when spot and stalk hunting in the winter is critical to hunt success and safety. Discover all the secrets of how to hunt boar, you will be glad you did.

How to Hunt Boar

This is one incredible Beast to Hunt and Slay

When hunting wild boar your weapon is critical. Many types of weapons will work high powered rifles being the most common. Shotguns, muzzleloaders, handguns, and even bows are all effective in the right hands though. A general rule of thumb when selecting your weapons, especially rifle or handgun, is to bring the biggest you own. These pigs can take multiple shots if the hunter doesn’t perfect hit his mark.

How to Hunt Boar

Deep Snow, Russian Boar and a Ruger in 375 Holland & Holland

Russian boar are very well protected. An incredibly thick hide helps to slow down larger bullets or even all together stop smaller ones. Beyond this is bone like rock covered in powerful muscles. Russian Boar also have the famous “grizzle plate”. Piercing this bad boy in one shot is a task not to be taken lightly. It requires planning ahead in bullet selection and careful aim. Missing the double lung sweet spot can mean tracking your beast. Are you up to the challenge of slaying one of these beasts?

How to Hunt Boar

These Russian are Huge when compared to a man

 These massive boars are a true thrill to hunt. Learning to hunt boar in the winter puts the hunter in their element, in the harshest conditions you can hunt wild boar. Choosing a hunting tactic that fits your skills is key to a successful hunt. Sticking with what you are most comfortable with helps to ensure a good clean kill allowing you to bring home the bacon.

How to Hunt Boar

Father taking time with their Sons

 You don’t want to meet a pig with cutters like this on a dead end trail in the middle of winter. These wild pigs are famous for being unpredictable. Having one cornered and in a bad mood is not how you want to start off your hunt. Holding the line when being charged is one of the greatest challenges a hunter can face. Learning how to hunt boar real Russian Boar is easier to master when you have a good weapon, such as a high powered rifle. Being prepared to do just that around ever corner can help keep you the hunter and the Russian Boar the hunted.

How to Hunt Boar

Some one has to Shoot the Biggest Baddest Beast in the Forest

 Learning how to hunt boar on a waist deep snow pack  is the the adventure of a lifetime. Bringing along friends and family while you fill your bucket list is unforgettable. The memories made at Bear Mountain will last a life time. Russian Boar hunting will make the grandest hunting tail to retell again and again until the end of your days.

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How to Hunt Boar

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