How to Hunt Boars

How to Hunt Boars on a Spring Hunt

As Spring time sets in the secret on how to Hunt Boars   is very important. Not everyone is a runner and gunner. Successful Boar Hunting requires you to Hunt  based on weather conditions, the time of day, the season and of course your physical abilities. Everyone has limitations. If you have the patience to sit quietly you can take a nice Russian Boar. Patience is the secret it takes to learn how to Hunt Boars. Many younger people did not grow up learning how to Hunt Boars and they do not have the skills to sit in ambush and wait it out.

How to Hunt Boars

Spring Boar Hunting is Spectacular

 Learn how to hunt Boars , the authentic Russian Boar in only one weekend. Journey North to Lake Superior Country, in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Here You will experience this once in a lifetime Boar Hunting Adventure. Spring time is a very unique time to hunt. Depending on early or late spring you can see anything from deep snow with warm air or leaves beginning to fill in the forest. Hunting the snow pack in lighter clothing makes for a very different hunt from winter or late spring. Seeing the wild boars stick to the trails and have lighter clothing to pursue them gives the hunter an advantage. With the forest not full of leaves visibility is still high, making spot and stalk an exciting way to slay the beast.

In The Great Northern Forest the snow takes a long time to melt. Arctic winds start early and stay late making the perfect habitat for large Russian Boar. During this time of year the coat on the wild pigs is  still thick and woolly looking. Authentic Wild Russian Boar are truly a prehistoric looking beast. The snow has many advantages for the hunter, such as the ability to track a shot animal much more effectively. Having a blood trail in snow for contrast can make the difference between finding one of these tough lead absorbing beasts and going home without dinner…

How to Hunt Boars

Hunt Russian Boar the Way You Desire, Ambush Blinds are excellent at producing Great Boars

 When learning how to hunt boars it is important to know the key things in slaying the beast. Many hunters wonder how big of a weapon to bring. The answer to that is how big of a gun do you have? Russian Boar are well armored animals. Starting with the thick coat and skin, moving on to steel like muscle, and finally hitting the infamous grizzle plate protecting the vitals is the path your bullet must travel. The amount of armor makes hitting your mark deadly accurate key to taking down these pigs with one shot. Tight up against the shoulder at center mass with a powerful handgun, rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader will take down the beast.

How to Hunt Boars

When learning how to hunt boars you must take caution. Russian Boar are      strong opponents that are well equipped.

A good tip for someone learning to hunt wild boar is just because you have the weapon don’t think your prey is unarmed. Despite all their armor designed to take a beating Russian Boar can dish it out too. The deadly and massive front teeth called “cutters” are the ultimate in slashing attacks. A wild hog will run at your side slashing the head side to side trying to take down any would be predators. Holding the line for an up close and personal charging shot is difficult and takes a truly prepared hunter to deliver the killing blow before receiving it.

How to Hunt Boars

Father & Son filling the “Bucket List”

 When learning how to hunt boars bringing along the family as well as friends can help make the experience even more exciting. Learning to master hunting a new beast with people you have grown up with is a great experience. Russian Boar are unique animals to hunt and take learning to master. Having extra people along can help you learn to spot the animals and begin to understand them. Having extra eyes for spotting or small pushes is great once you understand wild pig hunting.

How to Hunt Boars

Massive Cutters – A Russian Boar’s main weapon.

 Spot and stalk hunting is excellent in the early spring. With lighter clothing the hunter can penetrate deeper into the dark forest and thick pines more easily. Also using the trails the Russian Boar use he is always tracking them. During the winter these northern areas literally become buried in snow making movement off of a beaten trial incredibly difficult for man or beast. The wild pigs will tend to stick on familiar paths and not venture into the snow that is well over their heads. This makes finding the pigs potentially easier, but can be deadly. Every so often the hunter tracks pigs to an area with only one way in and may be staring at multiple large boars with razor sharp cutters staring back at him, with only one way to go…

How to Hunt Boars

Russian Boars are built for battle. Powerful shoulders and large head with big “Cutters” make them 

 Once you have mastered how to hunt boars you can slay these mighty beasts. Despite all the defenses a Russian Boar has a hunter can slay this beast to bring home the bacon. Learning how these boars act is key to making sure you don’t face the razor sharp teeth in close quarters. Boar hunting is truly an adventure, Authentic Russian Boar Hunting in the Great Northern Forest is even more so.

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How to Hunt Boars

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