Hunt Boar with a Handgun

How to Hunt Boar on the Snow Pack with a Handgun How to Hunt Boar includes the taking of this giant Russian Boar with a Handgun. Figure out how to Hunt Boar at Bear Mountain Lodge located in Northern Michigan.  What is more exciting than pursuing a Beast that will Hunt You Back. Discover how… Read More

How to Hunt Boar – Fathers and Sons

At the Dawn of time Fathers taught their Sons How to Hunt Boar. Come and learn how to Hunt Boar any time of year. These Russian Wild Boar are a unique and they are the greatest Beast to Hunt.  Young men would experience their rites of passage in the dark forest as they learned through trial and error… Read More

How to Hunt in the Summer

How to Hunt Boar in the Summer time is a Challenging and Rewarding. Discover how to hunt Boar with Spot and Stalk techniques in the Summer time. The thick green vegetation makes the  Boar Hunting Adventures Challenging and Rewarding. Using the dense underbrush discover how to hunt Boar in close quarters. Many shots during the Boar Hunt are within… Read More

How to Hunt Boars

How to Hunt Boars on a Spring Hunt As Spring time sets in the secret on how to Hunt Boars   is very important. Not everyone is a runner and gunner. Successful Boar Hunting requires you to Hunt  based on weather conditions, the time of day, the season and of course your physical abilities. Everyone has limitations. If you… Read More

How to Hunt Boar

How to Hunt Boar in Northern Michigan This Giant Boar and I mean Giant requires to  figure out how to hunt Boar real Russian Boar in the Dead of Winter. Deep white powder filled the forest. The tree branches are heavy with newly fallen snow. A Father and Son Team took on the Raging Russians® and were both successful in taking… Read More

How Hunt Boar Genuine Russian Boar with only a 30 30

How Hunt Boar and face the Raging Russians® of the Great White North. Spring time is an excellent time to experiment to figure out How Hunt Boar on the last of the snow pack. The warm days of spring create a hard surface to hunt on.  Hunting Boars on the snow pack makes for easy access. The… Read More